Name: Sasha Barrett-Ferris, Sixth Year, Sullivan Upper School, Co. Down

Background: Sasha has been volunteering with Guides and Scouts from an early age, teaching girls from deprived areas the essential skills needed for life and helping them to grow in confidence.

Also passionate about helping the homeless and poor, Sasha volunteered to make Christmas Food Parcels and gift bags for Dundonald food bank so struggling families could still enjoy the holidays like everyone else. Late at night during the cold winter season, Sasha kindly offered up her own free time to hand out blankets, gloves, toiletries, food and other goods to those living on the streets of Belfast. Sasha is currently making a YouTube video of this to show how a small act can make a big difference; and ultimately inspire others to do their bit to end homelessness.

For the past six years, Sasha had been volunteering at RSPB's annual Big Wild Sleep Out, in Omagh and Cultra. Putting up tents, leading children's activities and games, running the campfire and encouraging families to enjoy nature whilst educating them on how to preserve it.

Sasha also has a keen interest in sport and has led the NICS Hockey Club at a disability hockey summer scheme for the past three years. The scheme allows one to one coaching for children and young adults, to allow them to engage with sport and unlock their full potential.

With her brother, Sasha also donates some of her spare time fundraising for Mental Health UK and once raised £800 from a JustGiving Page.

Sasha’s motivation for volunteering: “I have always had a desire to help others, and because many members of my family suffer with illness, I feel that seeing them struggle on a daily basis planted a seed within me to want to help others in any way I could.”

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