Name: Lidia Ballocchi, Sixth Year, Assumption Grammar School, Co. Down

Background: Lidia’s volunteering journey began at a local St Vincent De Paul charity shop, where she spent her weekends volunteering, giving her time and learning crucial life lessons along the way.

Volunteering in such an environment, Lidia was a helping hand and an ear to listen for those who would visit the shop and believes it has had a massive positive impact on her own life.

Lidia then began volunteering at a dementia ward in the Downe Hospital, which sparked her interest in going to the Holy Shrine of Knock in Co. Mayo in order to help elderly pilgrims on their journeys. These experiences also impacted Lidia’s decision to fundraise for Saphara India 2018 and spend three weeks in India, where she supported the education of young women from impoverished areas.

Lidia believes these experiences are the reason she is the person that she is today.

Lidia’s motivation for volunteering: “Since I was 14, my friends encouraged me to get involved in extracurricular activities. I joined sports clubs and participated in school activities; it was then that I decided to move onto the next logical step; volunteering.”

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