Name: Keira Culleton, Third year, Loreto College, Co. Derry

Background: A volunteer with cross community programme SPARK, Keira is a key member of this initiative which focused on celebrating people’s similarities rather than the differences between various groups in the community. Keira takes part in activities each week which can include litter picking, visiting residents in local care homes, interacting with local businesses and cleaning neglected graves.

Diagnosed with Scoliosis in 2018, Keira wears a back brace, but she does not let this stop her doing the things she loves. Keira has presented to her class and Camogie team to help her friends and teammates understand about what Scoliosis is and why she needs to wear the brace.

Keen to show her positive side and inspire others, Keira attends the Michaela Foundation Camps each year which promotes and encourages positive values to live life to the full and embrace opportunities to succeed in all that we do. Kiera also visits a local Care Home for the elderly and is heavily involved with her local church by helping her dad, who is the sacristan.

Keira’s motivation for volunteering: “Regardless of my own personal challenges I always try to think of others less fortunate and work within my local community to spread random acts of kindness.”

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