Name: Jemma Campbell Sixth Year, Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Co. Antrim

Background: Growing up with a sister with Turner Syndrome and with three members of her family diagnosed with ASD, Jemma was determined to raise awareness and learn more about these conditions. She currently volunteers with Helping Hands Autism charity and Turner Syndrome Support Society to do this.

Jemma has natural instincts to care for people and is a Ward volunteer at the Ulster Hospital taking care of patients and helping nurses. As a cadet leader for over two years, Jemma volunteers with St. John’s Ambulance teaching first aid to the younger cadets and attending weekend classes to further expand her knowledge.

In 2018, Jemma was selected to be part of a team of young people who went to Texas to take part in volunteering and cross community work with the Ulster Project. While in America, Jemma undertook several volunteering activities including 'the Spirit of Hope Foundation', in which she took a group of underprivileged children shopping for school essentials and hosted a banquet dinner for a homeless shelter.

Jemma’s motivation for volunteering: “My family’s medical conditions inspired and motivated me to volunteer and my aim is to impact others by raising awareness and supporting those affected and their families.”

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