Name: Jamie Duffy, Sixth Year, Beech Hill College, Co. Monaghan

Background: Jamie is extremely passionate about the community and environment in which he lives and has been involved in organising and partaking in numerous activities in his role as Chairperson of the Glaslough Junior Tidy Towns committee.

As Chairperson, Jamie, with the help of a friend, organised the revamp of an old ice cream cart and trained the younger members of the committee, introducing them to the world of volunteering. This cart serves as a successful, creative, unique and enriching amenity for his village. As leader and founder of the Junior Tidy Towns, one of the first of its kind in Ireland, Jamie also helps to organise litter picks, gardening and other activities.

Jamie regularly gives complimentary walking Heritage Tours of his village to the many tourists who visit from around the globe.

Jamie provides training for young people as part of the 'Greener Glaslough' campaign which aims at making his community a more sustainable and eco-friendly place and has garnered a huge amount of time volunteering to create and manage the project.

Jamie’s motivation for volunteering: “I firmly believe in the importance of promoting greener living in our society. Like many other young people, I am concerned about the dangers our world is facing and I use my volunteering to spread awareness of issue such as climate change and plastic pollution which will hopefully make a change.”

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