Name: Grainne McGlynn, Fourth Year, Rosses Community School, Co. Donegal

Background: Passionate about trying to better her community, Grainne jumped at the opportunity to be part of the Donegal Youth Council giving up much of her free time to deal with issues in her local area including highlighting worthwhile topics. The topics that she chose to focus on were drugs and alcohol usage within young people, mental health and sexual health, areas which Grainne believes are serious issues amongst young people. As part of her volunteering role, Grainne gave presentations and speeches as well as recording a radio advert for the Donegal Road Safety working group to prevent death’s on Donegal Roads.

Grainne also volunteers with her local GAA club taking drills and skills sessions, especially encouraging the talented young girls to keep playing and building their confidence. Grainne also worked with young people when she took part in a two week Speak Teen summer camp teaching English to Italian students.

Another key part of Grainne’s volunteering is the time she spends at The Angel Day Centre. As someone with a sister with Down Syndrome and Autism, Grainne felt that people with learning disabilities were sometimes misunderstood and she spends her time helping young adults improve their social and communication skills.

Grainne’s motivation for volunteering: “As well as wanting to grow my independence, I wanted to be able to make a change in my community and in the greater Donegal area.”

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