Name: Emma Smyth, Sixth Year, St Louis Grammar School, Co. Antrim

Background: Emma has been volunteering within her local community and beyond since her brother was sadly diagnosed with Cancer. Emma and her family have helped to raise funds for charities such as Cancer Fund for Children and donated regularly to help the other families who were going through the same situation.

Emma volunteers and fundraises for charities such as Autumn Leaf Club, an organisation for elderly people that allows them to meet others through organising old-style dancing events, day trips and meals. She also volunteered in Ghana for two weeks working in a local village school and hospital and successfully fundraised £1,800 for the local village in order to improve living conditions. Emma also organised and ran a bake sale for Children in Need, raising £200 and has contributed to the Road of Hope charity for over 14 years by taking part in their Shoe box appeal every year.

Emma participated in an International exchange program with Erasmus for 10 days to Denmark, delivering a presentation to individuals from five different European countries on the differences within Northern Ireland and went on to join a Young Leadership International program where she spoke about NI politics.

Emma’s motivation for volunteering: “My motivation for volunteering came from the support I received from various charities when my younger brother was diagnosed with cancer. As I got older, I realised that there were many problems in the world that needed support to find a solution. This encouraged me to partake in different fundraisers and begin to volunteer.”

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