Name: Charlotte Gallaher, First Year, Our Lady’s School, Co. Dublin

Background: Diagnosed with Leukemia at age 10, Charlotte became the youngest member and volunteer of the Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation (SJK). A close friend of Charlotte’s family, Sarah passed away in 2015 aged 31 from Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP). Unable to find the source of Sarah’s cancer her family set up the foundation to raise awareness and pay for research. Charlotte has been working relentlessly to spread the word about CUP amongst her peers and school friends.

At the annual SJK Christmas carol event, Charlotte helped to sell candles and raffle tickets to help raise money for the Foundation. Following their confirmation Charlotte’s class decided to choose a charity to donate some of their money to and Charlotte focused on telling her classmates more about the foundation and explaining about her own illness. Charlotte was delighted when her class chose the SJK Foundation and a cheque for €1,000 was presented to Sarah’s sisters.

Charlotte’s motivation for volunteering: “Even though I was going through chemotherapy treatment for my cancer I really wanted to lobby for the SJK Foundation to try and help raise money and hopefully one day find a cure.”

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