Ciara O’Malley (Letterkenny, Co. Donegal), a student at Loreto Secondary School, was instrumental in setting up the Loreto Letterkenny Model United Nations, an organisation which pushes students to speak out on global issues at an annual conference. Ciara was inspired by how this group empowered students to voice their opinion on such important issues, allowing them to grow and develop their perspective.

Ciara was also involved with the European Youth Parliament in 2017 and recently became a member of the EYP Ireland organisation. As a member of the Connaught-Ulster Regional Council, she spends time organising events for members within the region.

“Because of her volunteer work with EYP Ireland, Ciara has made a lasting impact on the lives of these young people. She fostered personal growth and development within the students, as well as helped them learn in an engaging way about a complex but important issue,” says Kevin Boland, Secretary and Director of The European Youth Parliament Ireland. “Ciara time and time again proves herself invaluable to our organisation. Not only does her dedicated volunteer work greatly benefit EYP Ireland, but she also has made a strong impact on young students throughout the country.”

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