Adara Garcia (Castleknock, Co. Dublin), a student at Castleknock Community College, has been an active member of her local youth group Localise Ireland for the past 5 years. Localise Ireland aims to involve young people in giving. While there, Adara raised money for homelessness with CanTeen Ireland and St Vincent De Paul as well as funds for Special Olympics and St. Francis Hospice. In addition to her work with Localise Ireland, Adara teaches first aid to children and supervises events and races at St. John’s Ambulance.

After helping to raise €70,000, Adara had the opportunity to travel to India with BeKind Ireland and the Hope Foundation to give food and clothes to children living on the street in Kolkata. Adara is inspired by the many worthy causes in her local community and continues to encourage others to get involved with volunteering. She strives to educate young people at her school on the importance of giving back in hopes that they possibly get involved in programmes like Localise Ireland.

“Adara is passionate about helping people and giving back to her community. With every project, Adara has always given her time and energy enthusiastically and positively,” says Deborah Reid, Community Youth Co-ordinator of Localise Ireland. “She has an incredible ability to be extremely personal yet organised causing her to stand out as a volunteer. When I first started in this position, Adara was one of the volunteers that I naturally looked to for support as she is responsible, organised and reliable.”

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