Eimear Byrne, from Dublin, a sixth-year student from St Paul’s Secondary School, Walkinstown, volunteers as a patient carer at Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross. Starting early each Saturday morning Eimear spends her time making sure the patients are comfortable, offering them tea, coffee and snacks as well as reading to them and keeping them company.

Following training Eimear can take some of the patients out to mass as well as to the shops and restaurants to offer them a change of scenery. Whilst some days can be challenge, Eimear is always patient and understanding towards the residents and find the experience a rewarding one just to see someone else smile because of her efforts.

“A very modest student, Eimear is diligent and enthusiastic and always displays excellent school spirit when it comes to school events,” said her teacher Tracey Weldon. “I am delighted to put Eimear forward for this award and to give her the recognition she deserves for the fabulous volunteer work she is doing.”

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