Diolain Ward,from Derry, a sixth-year student from St Joseph's Boys' School, raises awareness and funds for DEBRA Ireland, a charity that offers support to families and individuals who suffer from an incurable condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). In 2011 Diolain’s sister Charley was born with ‘EB’, a distressing and painful genetic skin condition meaning that the slightest touch can cause severe pain, blistering and sores. .

Seeing the great work that DEBRA does supporting Charley so that she can socialise and learn from others with the same condition, Diolain set about raising funds to further the research that the charity is trying to do. Fundraising activities included soccer events, coffee mornings, raffles and cakes sales with information leaflets and flyers handed out at each event to raise awareness and the profile of the charity.

“Diolan is a self-motivated, resilient and passionate young man,” said Fiona Harrigan Stewart, head of senior school. “His selfless approach to charity work has seen him recognised within our school community and he inspires his peers as a result.”

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