Daniella Timperley, from Randalstown, a sixth-year student at St Louis Grammar School, Ballymena, has been involved with Women's Aid ABCLN from a very young age and as she grew up she remained heavily involved with the charity. In 2015, she represented Women’s Aid on the BBC Children in Need Youth Panel helping to co-ordinate fundraising efforts and voicing the needs of those helped by Women’s Aid. Daniella has also volunteered in care homes, completed intergenerational projects with the elderly, helped at the homework club in the Ballymena centre with the younger children and at the Antrim summer scheme where she completed OCN Accreditations in mental health, domestic violence, understanding risks and self-esteem.

Daniella has raised money to buy supplies and organise activities for children in Romania through the Centre of Hope GLIA. She helped serve food and distributed supplies such as medication, clothes and toys. With the charity Fixers, Daniella created films to tackle topics such as physical violence, coercive control and volunteering, with one featuring on UTV Live.

“Daniella is an inspirational young lady who is a selfless individual with a passion to help others who have been in her position, “ said Bronagh McGreevy, a teacher, commented. “In comparison to many young people, Daniella gives up the temptations on TVs, going out and other normal teenage activities to selflessly serve others. She is a remarkable young lady who I respect and admire. She is indeed a special young lady.”

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