Ciaran O'Kane, from Limavady is a sixth-year student at Loreto College, Coleraine, who volunteers with St Vincent De Paul (SVP) in an aim to tackle poverty in his community and further afield. He has also completed the Pope John Paul II Award through which he has been actively involved in the parish and social aspects of his community. .

In school, Ciaran is part of a Social Justice group called ‘Justice League’ which supports the human rights initiative worldwide and has established a drama club in school where he hopes to build the confidence of younger pupils.

As a FAST Ambassador for the Concern Worldwide charity, Ciaran completed training and has carried out presentations to promote the charity. As a leader in the HOPE Limavady Summer Camp since August 2016 Ciaran helps to enrich the lives of young people, encouraging faith development and community participation.

Ciaran who has his own health issues, does not let this prevent him from using his free time and positive spirit to help others. He cites his involvement in the community, both in school and parish, as contributing factors in helping him grow in confidence, focusing his energies on positivity and the will and determination to help others in whatever way he can.

“Ciaran is a bright, confident, articulate young man who has shown an impressive range of skills and maturity through his time at Loreto College,” said Michael James, school principal. “Given his huge involvement in the many activities in school it is not surprising that Ciaran’s confidence has grown. I am confident that Ciaran will continue to show the same level of commitment and determination through the rest of his life.”

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