Ciaran McGinley, from Derry, a fifth-year student at St Joseph's Boys' School, was compelled to have his voice and the voice of other teens living in the area heard. Becoming a member of Rosemount Youth Club and Secretary of Foyle Youth Council has enabled Ciaran to engage with young children in the area to educate and inspire them, which he believes is vital to help them overcome issues that can affect teenagers later in life. .

Passionate about helping young people, Ciaran has organised events through the Youth Council to demonstrate the devastating impact that alcohol and drug misuse can have on teenagers. He hopes to continue to have a positive effect on young people living in his local community and looks forward to making a difference wherever he can.

“An unassuming, modest individual, Ciaran’s approach to his volunteering work is always measured and non-judgemental,” said Fiona Harrigan Stewart, head of senior school. “He is wise beyond his years and I have no doubt that now he has begun to blow on the winds of change and will be an unstoppable force in the future.”

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