Ariadna Gómez-Kelly, from Westport, a fourth-year student at Sacred Heart School, is chairperson of ‘Westport Junior Tidy Towns’ which aims to keep the town clean, sustainable and a pleasant environment to live in. Passionate about preserving our planet, Ariadna hosted and presented at the ‘National Tidy Towns Conference’ wearing an outfit she made entirely out of household rubbish. Ariadna was also instrumental in organising the ‘Convey Street Carnival’ with live music, fresh food and entertainment in her home town.

Ariadna has also been elected as chairperson of the ‘Sacred Heart School, Westport Green Schools’ committee and won first prize for her contributions to fundraising. Ariadna was awarded ‘Most Inspirational Person’ for her participation in ‘Operation Transportation’ run by ‘Westport Smarter Travel’. Showing her commitment to saving the planet, Ariadna cycles to school each day rather than taking the car.

“Ariadna epitomises the genuine volunteer spirit and is a shining example of active participation and contribution to the community, be it in school projects, local community projects or international projects. Ariadne does all this with a graciousness and modesty. She exemplifies the meaning of contribution to community in a very real and meaningful way. She is making a difference at her young age and I look forward to seeing what she will achieve in the future” said Anne Murphy, school Principal.

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