Aimee Melaugh of St. Mary’s College, Derry is a fourth-year student who became heavily involved with the ‘Circle of Support’ (COS) Autism group in Derry through her brother who has autism. Living with a family member with autism inspired Aimee to become active in supporting other families who are faced with the same daily challenges and has recently received an acknowledgment of having surpassed 200 hours of voluntary activity.

Aimee volunteers as a play assistant to children who have difficulty making friends and for those who need additional attention and encouragement. Her role as a junior volunteer incorporates additional activities such as swimming lessons, cinema nights and the design and creation of costumes for the autism group so that they can participate in the Easter and Halloween parades in Derry. Her contribution to that work has allowed the charity to remain a central part of the autism community in Derry.

All of this is made more challenging for Aimee as she herself deals with respiratory health issues.

“Aimee is as a kind, considerate and caring young lady. She has dedicated her time to helping others and her local community,” said Marie Lindsay, principal of St. Mary’s College. She is dedicated and is ans integral part of COS helping children with autism to experience new activities. She is reliable and responsible, assisting when needed and supporting the other volunteers.”

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