Eric Flaherty

from Portumna, Co. Galway, a sixth year student at Portumna Community School, produced a CD to raise money for the Share A Dream Foundation (SADF) after his seven-year-old sister was diagnosed with a brain tumour.


When SADF made his sister’s dream come true by giving her a Pug for Christmas, Eric wanted other families to experience the same joy. Along with his friend they recorded and released a CD with all proceeds going directly to SADF. Eric secured sponsorship for a day in a recording studio, designed the artwork, arranged a launch night, contacted local media and engaged local businesses to support the launch of the CD. Over 500 copies of the album were sold and along with downloads, Eric raised over €4,000 for the charity.


“A gifted musician, Eric used his talents to create something new to enable others to ease suffering, to lighten a burden, to bring joy where there was sadness and make a childhood more than it was,” commented School principal John Long. “Eric has shown the power that young people have when they reflect on their experience, use their talents to act together, harness the support of their families and seek to make life more bearable for others.”