Martha Tuohy

from Portumna, Co. Galway,a fourth year student from Portumna Community School was inspired to volunteer after the serious diagnosis of her friend’s little sister. Witnessing the ordeal experienced by her friend and her sister led Martha to volunteer for the Share a Dream Foundation (SADF).

Martha, with her friend, devised ‘Unplugged’, a charity CD in aid of SADF. Together they selected a range of songs, travelled to a studio in Dublin and recorded ‘Unplugged’ for the Share a Dream Foundation. In order to maximise sales and donations they devised a marketing campaign and made their CD available digitally. They relied heavily on social media and spent countless hours promoting the CD with media outlets and radio stations explaining the cause behind it. Thanks to their hard work, their CD sold out by the end of the first week. The sales raised over €4,000, enough funds to make two dreams come true.

“I believe what Martha has done is an example of the best of what our young people can do,” says School principal John Long. “She has shown the power that young people have when they reflect on their experience, use their talents to act together, harness the support of their families and communities and seek to make life more bearable for others.”