Dylan Nesbitt

from Convoy, Co. Donegal, a fourth year student at Deele College, Raphoe, is a dedicated member of his local GAA club and began showing up at the junior teams’ training to help out as he knew the club was under resourced from a coaching perspective.

Seeing the impact of his volunteering on both the club and the junior members, Dylan was inspired to commit to the club the best way he could on a long term basis. To do so, he undertook hours of official training, from coaching to child safety, in his own time to ensure that his work would have the most positive affect possible. Dylan spends a lot of his personal time outside of school at the club helping out and foregoes socialising and spending time with his friends to do so.

“Dylan is very dedicated young man who loves a challenge and has such a caring heartfelt attitude to life that would inspire many people,” said School principal Joe Boyle. “Even in the face of a lot of personal loss and challenging times he comes out with hope that endures and carried him through.”